Seeing things from a new perspective

Photo-8D55D1F5-6472-4EA8-9E17-883469AEE7F4-20131123-214414-2048Recently, I took some time off to see a place that feels completely untouched from the world – the Galapagos Islands. Here’s a picture of me doing yoga on the beach there…right alongside a sea lion! Now, that was out of my comfort zone, but thrilling at the same time. It’s so refreshing to disengage from routine and see things from a different perspective.

My experience in housing and launching Down Payment Resource has been an adventure as well. I could have never predicted the ups and downs in the market and all the ways technology has changed the way we buy a home. And, yet I’m right in the middle of it all today. It’s helpful to consider the home buying process from different perspectives – what do people want, need and expect? How can we surprise and delight potential homebuyers?

I’m thankful to be part of an innovative industry and work with an experienced team to serve our customers and homebuyers well. We hope what people learn through Down Payment Resource will change their perspective on the possibility of buying a home.

Wishing you a happy New Year!

Rob ChraneRob Chrane

President, Down Payment Resource