MSN Real Estate highlights Down Payment Resource

In a recent piece about buying condos, MSN Real Estate highlights Down Payment Resource as a tool for buyers to discover homebuyer programs.  Here’s an excerpt from the piece:

Looking for down payment assistance?
There are many ways for first-time buyers to find money to help with their down payment. One smart way is to turn to nonprofit housing counselors approved by the Department of Housing and Urban Development who can find this money for you and make sure you’re mortgage-ready.

But there are also a number of free online tools that offer help. Here, it’s best to tread carefully, lest your information be shared or your identity stolen by scam artists.

At least one,, says it does not sell information about its visitors to third parties. You can print out the information on programs and leave no footprint, unless you decide to email the results to yourself, in which case you opt in to its newsletter.

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