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Today’s consumers are spending more time online getting prepared for homeownership and researching their down payment options. Now is the time to show them you can help.

We know it’s difficult to show homebuyers up-to-date down payment program opportunities. We created a better way.

Down Payment Connect makes it easy to match buyers to down payment help that is right for them. We track the details for more than 2,400 homeownership programs across the country, including all the options right in your backyard.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You promote your personalized landing page anywhere you are online.
  2. Buyers search for programs through your landing page.
  3. Buyers view basic results and complete the contact form to get more details.
  4. You get leads delivered to your inbox with details about all their results.

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Join other successful agents and loan officers in educating today’s homebuyers about their down payment options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Down Payment Connect makes it easy to match your buyers to down payment help that’s right for them. It brings more new buyers into your pipeline and presents buyers with information that can help solve their number one problem – the down payment.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You promote your landing page anywhere you are online.
  2. Buyers search for programs through your personalized landing page.
  3. Buyers view basic results and complete the contact form to get more details.
  4. You get leads delivered to your inbox with details about all their results.

After you sign up, you get your own personalized landing page to share anywhere buyers find you. Your prospects or existing clients can search for all of the down payment programs in your market(s).

Plus, the loan officer version offers a directory of DPA programs, the ability to control which programs display for buyers, and eligibility lookup tool, and a program comparison tool.

The leads are delivered to your inbox. When a buyer comes to your Down Payment Connect page, completes a homebuyer program search, and submits a contact form, the lead goes to you and only you — no lead sharing or lead pools.

Please note: You are responsible for driving traffic to your landing page. We aren’t a CRM, lead management system or lead aggregator so the leads are emailed to you and they’re yours to handle from there. Most agents and lenders add their leads to their CRM and email marketing lists.

We track a wide-range of homeownership programs, including down payment or closing cost assistance, affordable first-mortgages, Mortgage Credit Certificates (MCCs), matched savings programs, employer assisted housing programs, Housing Choice Vouchers and many more. You can view details about those program types in our latest Homeownership Program Index.

We track available programs in each state including, national, state-wide, regional and community specific programs. We also track the funding status of each program so you know what programs currently have funds available. The data we track is dynamic and changes regularly. We publish a Homeownership Program Index twice a year that provides a snapshot of the number of programs in each state. You can view the latest index and state-by-state data.

Your Down Payment Connect link can go anywhere – your email signature, website, blog, social media, and newsletter.

For example:

  • Send your Down Payment Connect link to your existing clients and prospects – it provides important market information and builds trust.
  • Add your link to a buyer or first-time homebuyer section on your website. Add it as a navigation item at the top of your website, for example “Down Payment Help”.
  • Enhance your email signature with your Down Payment Connect link.
  • Use your link as a call to action in blog posts and e-newsletters.
  • Share your link on social media and invite buyers to discover options for their personal situation.
  • Make your link the call to action in Facebook ad campaigns.

Both. All homebuyers should be presented with available affordable homeownership options. You can be their down payment hero.

Prospective homebuyers who are just starting to consider homeownership or are looking for down payment help can be directed to your personal Down Payment Connect landing page.

You can also invite existing clients to complete the form. There are many programs available for repeat buyers.

Down Payment Connect can also help kick start conversations with dormant prospects.

First, check our list of MLS Partners. If you are a member of one of them, login to your MLS, follow the link to Down Payment Resource, and a basic version of Down Payment Connect is free and waiting for you.

Otherwise, choose the Real Estate Agent or Loan Officer version of DPC and click to move on to the subscription page. Once you subscribe, you’ll receive an email with your personal Down Payment Connect link and a login to access marketing resources and more.

If you are a member of one of our MLS Partners, you already have access to your own basic version of the Down Payment Connect landing page. It’s provided as part of your MLS membership. Learn how to access your Down Payment Connect link and get started in this short video series.

If you are in a dual license state and you serve as both an agent and a loan officer, please choose the Loan Officer version. It will allow you to display both your NMLS and real estate license numbers, and to indicate which programs you participate in so that only those programs are displayed to your clients.

If your vendor management team has questions about Down Payment Connect, supply this overview document to them, which provides company background and answers the most common vendor management questions.

When you become a monthly subscriber, here’s what will happen:

  1. You get a confirmation email with login credentials to access your Down Payment Connect home page where you can manage and customize your link.
  2. You get step-by-step instructions on how to use your link to begin getting leads.
  3. You get access to marketing resources and training to help you use Down Payment Connect to grow your business.
  4. Each time a consumer completes a contact form from your Down Payment Connect link, you get a lead delivered to your inbox.
  5. If you subscribe to the Loan Officer version, you get access to the DPA Program Directory and Eligibility Lookup Tool.

You can change or cancel your subscription at any time. Simply log in to your account, click your name at the upper left of the page and select “Subscription”. Please see our Cancellation Policy for more information.

After you subscribe, your confirmation email will include a login to access more marketing ideas, examples, tutorials, customizable flyers and more. You’ll also be invited to join our private Down Payment Insiders Facebook Group where you can share ideas and best practices with your peers.

Your Down Payment Connect page is already unique to you and your market and names you as the expert throughout the workflow.

You can add a logo or headshot image at the top of the landing page. You can also display your real estate license and/or NMLS number. We currently don’t support additional customization of colors, content, etc.

Yes, log into your account to manage your subscription, update your payment method, add or remove states, and manage your profile.

We offer an enterprise solution called the Consumer Portal for lenders who want to subscribe to more than 4 states. Learn more about all 3 lender enterprise products here, including the Consumer Portal.

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With Down Payment Connect, you will educate more buyers, build trust and grow your business.

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