Homebuyer ad campaign launches in Albuquerque

With first-time homebuyer percentages down, some lenders and Realtor® Associations are focusing on advertising efforts to educate homebuyers about the opportunities through down payment assistance. Securing a down payment remains the number one challenge for homebuyers, preventing many from exploring the possibility of homeownership.

GAAR bus ad2The Greater Albuquerque Association of REALTORS® (GAAR) recently launched a new homebuyer ad campaign highlighting its partnership with Down Payment Resource. The campaign features local bus and radio ads that drive homebuyers to a new webpage to learn more about how Down Payment Resource and the GAAR home search page can direct buyers to down payment savings.

Take a minute to listen to the engaging radio ad, currently running on local stations.

The campaign aims to build curiosity among renters and drive awareness about the programs available in their market.

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United Kingdom’s new Help to Buy program provides housing lessons here

help to buyer imageJust four weeks ago, the United Kingdom launched their new Help to Buy program, a set of new policies and options that reduce the down payment on a home. Demand for the program has been strong with already more than 2,000 early applications for the home buying option. Mortgage lenders report that 80 percent of the applications have been from first-time homebuyers.

Why this program? Why the demand?

In a recent article, David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, said the program was designed for “responsible people who work hard, put in the hours and can afford a mortgage — but can’t afford sky-high deposits.” He said most applicants are young and have an average household income. Once the program became available, it began to move the housing industry in England again, resulting in home sales that may never have happened otherwise, reducing mortgage bills, and unlocking home building.

What can we learn?

Many renters are on the sidelines not because they want to be, but because they believe they can’t buy now. Once incentives and programs are made available, and they are aware of them, it drives interest and demand, especially for young buyers and new households.

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Top 10 down payment assistance myths debunked – free ebook

Did you know graphic.Nov2013Many agents and homebuyers let misconceptions about down payment assistance programs keep them from investigating the options available in their area.

Did you know that programs aren’t just for first-time homebuyers and inexpensive homes? Did you know that many programs are fully funded? And, program loans can be forgiven?

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