Useful advice as you plan for NAR Annual

NAR annualNobu Hata, the National Association of REALTORS®’ Director of Digital Engagement, dishes out some good advice for planning your NAR Annual Convention agenda. Consider this:

“How will each session add to my business plan for 2014? How will each new vendor add to your time bottom line? How will each product snap into your marketing and/or productivity plan? Always keep an eye on today’s clients, the other on tomorrow’s business. Look just enough ahead to introduce actionable thoughts and processes today.” — Nobu Hata

We’re keeping our eye on tomorrow too…first-time homebuyers and other new buyers are expecting high tech, but also high touch. While you are at NAR, we’d love to show you how Down Payment Resource is helping put valuable, hard-to-find information about homebuyer programs in the hands of Realtors. It helps showcase their market expertise and position them to better serve today and tomorrow’s homebuyers.

Our own Beverly Faull will be available for meetings and demos during the conference in our meeting room at the Hilton San Francisco at 333 O’Farrell St.  Email her at to arrange an appointment November 7 – 10. keep reading

First-time homebuyers are looking…is your website ready?

We like to fix problems. In fact, that’s how Down Payment Resource (DPR) was founded. With 30 years in the real estate industry, Rob Chrane recognized there was a problem to solve: the number one obstacle to homeownership was the down payment and, while there were resources available to help, most buyers and Realtors didn’t know where to find them and how to keep up with the details. DPR became the first centralized repository of information on homebuyer programs across the country.

Today, 90 percent of homebuyers search online during their home buying process. And, real estate-related searches on Google have grown more than 250 percent over the past four years, with frequently searched terms like FHA loan, home grants and homebuyer assistance. Is your website ready to meet the growing interest in down payment assistance from the Millennial generation?

In a recent ReTechnology webinar, Minnesota Realtors Matt Barker and Brandon Hedges discussed why they used the DPR IDX feature to flag down payment assistance eligible listings in their website’s IDX search.

“For a lot of people, it’s pretty intimidating to get started in the home search process. Down Payment Resource helps narrow the field of possibilities for them and opens their eyes to see what’s possible.

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Real Estate Connect brings attention to rental market and big data

Real Estate Connect, Inman, down payment, rentalWe always come back energized after attending Real Estate Connect alongside thousands of real estate leaders.  In this dynamic market, we’re continuously looking for the “blue ocean”…the untapped market opportunity. According to, rental searches and even rental leads outpace that of purchases…and it has for a while. It struck us that there’s an tremendous opportunity to reach millions of income-qualified renters who don’t know they could buy a home. Many are waiting it out to save for the down payment. Savvy Realtors see the long term opportunity in working with renters. In fact, Chicago Realtor Lauren Mitrick (recently named to Forbes Magazine’s and the National Association of Realtors “30 Under 30” lists) said she still handles volumes of rental deals to build relationships and referrals with future buyers, despite making little or no commission.

While renting can be an important option to consider when repairing credit, that’s never cited as the top barrier to homeownership. Year after year, saving for a down payment is noted as the biggest challenge. Today’s Realtors have an opportunity to embrace renters and point them to valuable information that may allow them to buy much sooner than they thought. Most renters are unaware of the wide range of homebuyer programs available in every community. keep reading