Affordable Home Ownership: Facts & Myths

This is who we are and our goal for this blog:

Workforce Resource was launched in 2008 with the mission to connect people with hard to find financial resources for better living. Our first product, Down Payment Resource(SM) (DPR), makes homeownership a reality for more people by connecting eligible homebuyers and eligible properties with government-funded down payments, affordable mortgages and rehab loans.

We collect and organize the confusing array of information about these programs for potential homebuyers and the real estate professionals who influence their buying decisions. These professionals include, REALTORS®, mortgage lenders and homeownership counselors.

We are paid by Multiple Listing Services and REALTOR® Associations who make DPR available free of charge to their members, real estate agents and brokers. Lenders are beginning to see the value to their business and will become our next customer channel.

Housing Finance Agencies, local municipalities, non-profits and sometimes employers are the primary administrators of these programs. In an age of dwindling resources, they are looking for new ways to get this money in the hands of those for whom it is intended. DPR does this for them in ways they only dreamed of and we do it at no cost to them. Their customers, homebuyers, don’t pay a penny for it either.

Conceptually and technically, DPR has been proven to work very well. We are in the early stages of deploying DPR nationwide*. Our greatest challenge is overcoming the inertia associated with bringing any new product to market, regardless of how great an idea it may be.

Our objective here is to share helpful information, talk about our successes and frustrations, clear up some myths and deal with the brutal facts of reality. Whether you are a potential homebuyer, a REALTOR®, lender, counselor or Housing Finance professional, we hope that you will share your stories, your feedback and suggestions. Let’s build a better way home!

*We are currently live in the Minneapolis-St. Paul region of Minnesota and Westchester, Putnam, Duchess and Bronx counties in suburban NYC. Commitments have been made to launch in Chicagoland, Reno/northern Nevada and Central and west coast Florida.